Performance Series

Starting at $999

Precision Series

Starting at $1899

Pinnacle Series

Starting at $2999

FlexibilityVersatile And Built By Professionals

The Gaming PCs that come from Velztorm are tried and tested through a series of programs to make sure that you are getting the best possible machine. All of our builders have a wide variety of tastes in games, giving us a unique perspective on performance. for each PC, we spend a rigorous amount of time designing each build to shatter expectations. Take on new challenges and adventure through new worlds with Velztorm.

Assembled and Supported by Gaming Enthusiasts

Purchasing a Velztorm PC means supporting jobs based in the United States, and you are also receiving a product of pure passion from us. We only want to put the best performance possible into people's hands, no matter the budget. Built by us, and taken care of by us, even after it travels from our hands to yours.

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No compromises, no waiting.
Ships in 24 Hours!



Personalized perfection


The Velztorm Difference

Meticulously designed for optimal performance at every budget.

No Compromises

Exactly what you want in a gaming PC - nothing short of the best.

Crafted By Enthusiasts

Velztorm Builders are passionate about gaming, and giving the best design and performance possible.

Lifetime Support

We are confident in our team, and care deeply about our customers. We are here to help!